Book Birthday and Link Roundup

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was my very first book birthday.


In the Shadow of the Gods came out yesterday. I’d been planning to spend the night relaxing, a quiet celebration all to myself…but I should have known better. I always forget how wonderful my friends and family are, and they threw me a surprise book birthday party. It was an excellent celebration, and being surrounded by so much love was definitely a better call than a quiet night pretending to myself that I was relaxing.


I signed some copies of my book. I got gently teased. My ham of a dog got more attention than he could ever hope for. Everyone made me a different kind of potato (my favorite food), which was sweet and hilarious. I ate too much food, played a few games, and enjoyed good company.

It was a good day.

* * *

I’ve been busily writing guest posts and answering interviews, and that’s been more fun than I ever thought it would be. A quick roundup of some of those:

Feminism by Thoughtful Omission in Sci-Fi & Fantasy, on The Mary Sue

Computer Games, or Why I’ll Probably Never Finish Writing My Trilogy, on (but I pinky swear, the title is just me being facetious–I am 100% going to finish the trilogy)

Morally Grey Characters for the Win, on the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

Interview on the Qwillery

Included on 18 Scifi and Fantasy Novels You Should Add to Your Bookshelves This June, from io9

Debut Author Spotlight, on RT Book Reviews

Musical Points of View, on The Dark Phantom Review

Seeing Double, on Bookish

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